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London City Airport - Jet Centre - Terms and Conditions: Business Class Lounge

Interpretation of defined terms:

“Aircraft” means an aeroplane flying out of and/or into LCY JC and/or the Airport, whether operated (directly and/or indirectly) by an Airline, or any other party, including any charter flights;

“Airline” means the relevant airline with whom a Guest holds a ticket with and is scheduled to fly with on an Aircraft;
Airport” means London City Airport Jet Centre (and London City Airport Limited) including its buildings, facilities,runways, taxiways,

aprons and BL;
Airport Terminal” means London City Airport main terminal building;

Baggage” means personal property accompanying a Guest on a flight including both property which has been checked-in and that which has not yet been checked-in;

Booking”, “Booked” or “Book” means the process whereby a Guest or individual on behalf of a Guest, makes a reservation for use of the BL and its Facilities, as detailed in Clause 5 below;

Business Lounge” or “BL” means the waiting area located at the London City Airport Jet Centre with designated seating and Services for BL Guests;

“Designated Point” means the area located outside the Airport Terminal signposted ‘Business Lounge’ where Guests will be dropped off and/or picked up by the Shuttle;

BL Facilities” or “Facilities” means the services provided by LCY JC at the BL which are available for a Guest to use subject to these Terms and Conditions;

Guest” means a person who has made a Booking for the BL Facilities or has had the Facilities Booked or paid on his/her behalf and has been issued with confirmation of such Booking;

London City Airport Jet Centre” or “LCY JC” means London City Airport Jet Centre Limited (having registered company number 02120138 and having its registered address at City Aviation House, Royal Docks, London E16 2PB) and includes London City Airport Limited;

London City Airport” and/or “LCY” means London City Airport Limited (having registered company number 01963361 and having its registered address at City Aviation House, Royal Docks, London E16 2PB);

Shuttle” means the shuttle bus which shall transport Guests to and/or from the BL in accordance with these Terms and Conditions; “Standard Fee” means the fee payable for the cost and use of the BL Facilities, as detailed on,

such fee may be amended by LCY JC from time to time without notice to Guests.
Terms and Conditions” means these terms and conditions as may be amended from time to time by London City Airport;

The headings in these Terms and Conditions are for convenience only and shall not affect their interpretation.

Words in the singular shall include the plural and vice versa, references to any gender shall include the other, reference to legal persons shall include natural persons and vice versa.

1. General Information

1.1.  The BL is provided by LCY JC subject to these Terms and Conditions, the acceptance of which the Guest automatically agrees to be bound by, by the act of Booking and paying the Standard Fee. Guests are reminded to read these Terms and Conditions before making any Booking.

1.2.  These Terms and Conditions will prevail over any terms or conditions proposed by the Guest orally or on any order form or similar document and any such other Terms and Conditions proposed shall not be binding on the LCY JC.

1.3.  The Business Lounge can be used throughout Airport operational hours, in connection with arriving and departing flights at London City Airport, as detailed below in Clause 2.4.

2. Services

2.1. The following services shall be available at the BL (‘Services’), subject to availability:

2.1.1.  private vehicle transportation to and from the Designated Point and the BL;

2.1.2.  light refreshments, subject to Clause 2.2; and

2.1.3.  booking service and assistance for Guests with reduced mobility.

2.2.  Additional food and beverages (“Additional Services”) can be made available to Guests if ordered in advance of arrival to the BL via e-mail at (, by direct phone call to the LCY JC on +44(0)203-203-2662, or requested in writing when submitting a booking form subject to additional charges which must be paid by the Guest before departure from the BL. Additional Services are subject to availability and the Terms and Conditions and fees applicable to such services from the third party providing those services and LCY JC accepts no liability in the event that such Additional Services are unable to be provided by any third parties used by it.

2.3.  LCY JC will collect, store and process Personal Data (within the meaning of Section 1 of the Data Protection Act 1998, as amended) for security, administration and billing purposes. It is the responsibility of the persons Booking to update LCY JC of any changes to their Personal Data or Booking information. In some cases LCY JC may ask for Guest Personal Data in advance, and the Guest gives their permission to LCY JC to hold and forward such data in such instances to UK authorities such as UK Border Force, the Police and/or any UK governmental body/agency that has the legal right to request such information.

2.4.  Booking, reservation and use of the BL Facilities is subject to availability and only during LCY JC airfield operational hours detailed below:page2image14856 page2image15016

Day Open

Monday 05:30 Tuesday 05:30 Wednesday 05:30 Thursday 05:30 Friday 05:30 Saturday 05:30 Sunday 11:30


21:45 21:45 21:45 21:45 21:45 12:30 21:45

2.5.  Guests may arrive directly at the LCY JC where the BL is located. Alternatively, guests can be collected from the Designated Point only, by the Shuttle.

2.6.  Guests requiring collection from the Designated Point are responsible for informing the LCY JC of the following information at the time of booking and in any event at least 1 hour before their arrival at the Airport:

2.6.1. estimated time of arrival;

2.6.2. the number of Guests who will require collection (if travelling in a group).

2.7.  Guest who have informed the LCY JC of their estimated time of arrival but anticipate that they will arrive at a later time, must inform the LCY JC via email ( or telephone (+44(0)203-203-2662).

2.8.  Upon arrival at the BL it is the responsibility of individual Guests to inform the LCY JC Staff of the time they wish to be dropped off at the Designated Point for their flight.

2.9.  Guests are responsible for ensuring they arrive at the Designated Point in time for their flight taking into consideration peak hours, leaving themselves adequate time to check in, complete security screening and locate their flight gates.

2.10.  Guests are also responsible for taking into account the number of people travelling within their group (if any), Baggage and any other relevant factors which may affect their journey in any way.

2.11.  The LCY JC staff may suggest are commended time for Guests to be dropped off at the Designated Points (for example 40 minutes prior to flight departure), however Guests agree that such a recommendation shall in no way act as a guarantee that Guests will arrive at their flight gates on time and Guests remain at all times responsible for taking into consideration the factors listed in Clause 2.9, Clause 2.10 and Clause 9.1 when calculating how long they require to arrive at their flight gate.

2.12.  Guests acknowledge and agree that due to demand,availability and other relevant factors,the Shuttle may not be able to transport Guests to the Designated Point at the exact time they have requested and Guests may need to be transported to or from the Designated Point at a different time to that which was originally requested by the Guest.

2.13.  Allspecifications,descriptions,drawings,photographsorillustrationsoftheBLandanyadvertisingmatter,samplebooksandmenu descriptions are only intended to serve as a guide and not to be relied upon by the Guest or treated as binding or as forming part of these conditions or any contract with the Guest.

3. Code of conduct

3.1.  The BL may not be used for any unlawful purpose or in a manner which infringes the rights of other LCY JC users and/or Guests, or inhibits the peaceful use or enjoyment of the BL for any other passengers/Guests or persons working from the BL and/or at LCY.

3.2.  In order to preserve privacy and confidentiality of other passengers and users of the LCY JC, all Guests and visitors must conduct themselves in an appropriate manner, and must not approach any other passenger/Guest for the purposes of disclosing the presence of such Guests to any third party or otherwise, including taking photographs within the BL whether for social media purposes or otherwise.

3.3.  All Guests agree to and accept the following rules when using the BL and its Facilities:

3.3.1.  to adhere to a sensible dress code, wear appropriate footwear at all times, offensive garments must not be worn at any time and revealing clothing should be avoided;

3.3.2.  to comply with any specific requests and policies relating to Airport safety and security;

3.3.3.  to comply with all reasonable directions, instructions and orders given or issued by the Airport and its staff whether verbally or in writing;

3.3.4.  to behave in an appropriate manner at all times, that is respectful of other LCY JC staff, passengers and Guests. LCY JC reserves the right at its sole and absolute discretion to refuse entry or to remove any individuals and/or Guests whose behaviour, mode of dress or intoxication is considered by the LCY JC to be unsuitable or is likely to offend other Guests, without refund to the Guest;

3.3.5.  LCY JC reserves the right to charge the payment method card used for the Booking, after departure by a Guest from LCY JC, for any damage caused to the BL, accidental or otherwise or for any unauthorised items removed from the BL by Guests;

3.3.6.  Guests shall not remove food or drinks from the BL for consumption Airside of the BL;

3.3.7.  Guests agree to adhere to any no smoking policies in operation in any of the BLand LCY JC; this includes the use of e-cigarettes and vaping devices.

3.3.8.  Guests may be permitted to bring animals or pets of any kind, including guide dogs (“Pets”), in the BL, however it remains the responsibility of the Guest to ensure their Pets remain under full control whilst in the BL and the Guest shall be liable for and indemnify upon demand LCY JC for any damage, destruction and/or soiling of the BL caused by the Pets. Guests are reminded that taking Pets onto Aircraft is subject to individual Airline policy which the Guest must familiarise themselves with before bringing Pets to the BL. LCY JC will not store, or hold any Pets at the BLfor Guests that are unable to travel for whatever reason on an Aircraft.

3.4.  Guests travelling using the BLare encouraged to carry the appropriate travel insurance for all members of their party and for their travel with the respective Airline.

3.5.  In the event unaccompanied children under the age of 18 years wish to travel through the BL, the appropriate documents and insurance must be carried and presented to the appropriate authorities on demand. LCY JC will only accept an unaccompanied child under the age of 18 if their travel has been arranged with the Airline prior to their travel and their Booking made with the BL in advance. Please check with your Airline regarding their regulations to travel before booking. Children under the age of 2 years will be entitled to use the BL for the duration of their visit to the BL without cost.

4. Additional Guest Services

4.1. Additional services may be arranged through the BL and should be booked in accordance with the booking process at Clause 5 below (‘Additional Services’). Such services include:

4.1.1.  travel booked by London City Airport on the passengers behalf;

4.1.2.  special meals/ refreshment requests; and

4.1.3.  celebration requests e.g. birthday, anniversary, engagement.

4.2.  Any Additional Service or special request is not included in the Standard Fee for the use of the BL. Additional charges will be made to the Guest in respect of any additional request or service that may be booked through the BL.

4.3.  Payment for any Additional Service will be taken from the card/ payment method used at the time of Booking, unless BL is notified otherwise by the card holder.

4.4.  Some additional services detailed above are provided by third party companies and are subject to the third party’s terms and conditions. LCY JC accepts no liability for these services.

5. The Booking Process:

5.1.  Requests for booking must be made by using the booking form on the Business Lounge webpage ( or by direct phone call to the LCY JC on +44(0)203-203-2662 as this may be amended from time to time.

5.2.  Bookings will be confirmed on the basis of these Terms and Conditions and upon LCY JC acceptance of full payment from or on behalf of the Guest. Upon such acceptance by the LCY JC, a confirmation email will be issued for the Booking.

5.3.  All data provided for the Booking process must be complete and accurate. LCY JC reserves the right to cancel Bookings or refuse entry to the BL for Bookings which have been made using incomplete or inaccurate information, including after a Booking has been confirmed.

5.4.  Before Booking into the BL, all individuals must hold a valid flight reservation for the day they wish to use the BL and may be asked to supply details of such reservation at the time of Booking.

5.5.  All Bookings are subject to operational capacity and availability of the BL Facilities.

5.6.  Passengers who require wheelchair assistance or have other specific requirements must make the BL aware of these needs at the time of Booking.

5.7.  Advertised Standard Fees and prices for the use of the BL, or in any quotation are subject to change or withdrawal by LCY JC at any time. Payment will be processed in full at the time of Booking at the agreed rate plus any additional VAT or taxes.

5.8.  Cash or cheque as a form of payment for Booking of the BL Facilities will not be accepted. LCY JC shall not be liable for any inconvenience caused under this Clause 5.9.

5.9.  Bookings will be cancelled where full payment has not been obtained by LCY JC on the day of Booking. LCY JC shall not be liable for any failure by the Guest to follow any Booking procedure and/or inconvenience caused under this Clause 5.10, unless such inconvenience is caused by LCY JC solely and directly, acting negligently.

5.10.  LCY JC is not obliged to accept any Booking. A Booking constitutes an offer by the passenger for use of the BL Facilities. If a Booking is accepted, the persons having booked the BL will be notified via a confirmation email, whereby a binding contract between the individual and / or company named (if different to the individual/s travelling) is formed upon these Terms and Conditions of use.

5.11.  The BL Facilities are available for Guests and passengers from the Booked time of arrival at the BL and only up to and for their purposes of their Booking.

5.12.  Whilst it endeavours to do so, LCY JC cannot guarantee that groups and/or parties of Guests will always be able to sit together in the BL due to seating capacities within the BL.

5.13 When Booking on behalf of other individuals, the person booking is responsible for and must ensure that each passenger/Guest listed is aware of and accepts these Terms and Conditions, including those related to the provision of personal and travel information.

6. Booking cancellations

6.1.  Once a Booking has been made by a Guest and/or their representative, there is no automatic right of cancellation; refunds are subject to Clause 6.3 below.

6.2.  Any Bookings cancelled after 4pm the day before travel are only refundable if: (i) no additional resource has been requested by a Guest; and/or (2) such resource has not already been secured for use by the Guest in advance of the Guest’s arrival at LCY JC.

6.3.  Subject to Clause 6.3 above, any refunds that can be made will be made payable to the original card or payment method on which original payment for the BL Facilities was made.

7. Changes to bookings (other than cancellations)page4image37440 page4image37600 page4image37760

7.1.  Where Guests arrive at the BL with additional individuals who have not been added to a new or existing Booking, those individuals may be refused access to the Lounge. Access may be granted for those guests at the standard service cost on the sole discretion of LCY JC, and the operational capacity of the BL at the time.

7.2.  In circumstances where the scheduled departure or arrival time of the Aircraft has been delayed, changes to a Booking may be made without any additional charge. As soon as the Guest is made aware of the service disruption, he/she should contact the BL on +44(0)203-203-2662 to inform them of the situation and the changes they wish to make to their Booking.

8. Upgrade to First Class Lounge

8.1. Subject to availability and resources, BL Guests may upgrade to the First Class Lounge at any point up to 40 minutes before their flight is due to depart by paying the difference between the Standard Fee and the Frist Class Lounge fee as may be determined from time to time.

8.2. Guests who pay the fee to upgrade to the First Class Lounge automatically agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of the First Class Lounge which can be accessed via the following city-airport-jet-centre-terms-and-conditions-first-class-lounge:

9. Limitation on Liability

9.1.  It is the responsibility of the individual travelling passengers and/or Guests to monitor their Airline schedules and any potential changes to their flight departure and arrival times. LCY JC shall under no circumstances be liable for any Guest failing to board their flight and neither LCY JC nor any other third party or Airline has any obligation to make flight announcements.

9.2.  It is the responsibility of the individual Guest to ensure they meet the appropriate requirements for passport, visa and health. LCY JC accepts no responsibility in this respect.

9.3.  LCY JC shall under no circumstances be liable or responsible for the personal belongings of any Guest, and Guests shall take personal belongings into the BL solely at their own risk and liability.

9.4.  All information, recommendations and advice given by or on behalf of LCY JC to the Guest regarding the Airport or flight details are given without liability on the part of London City Airport Limited and/or LCY JC.

9.5.  Official state and/or government business takes precedence over all Bookings and LCY JC reserves the right to cancel any Bookings wherever necessary. If this is the case, the Guest will be notified directly by LCY JC and any fee paid for the Booking of the BL will be refunded to the Guest in full.

9.6.  LCY JC reserves the right without cause or liability to cancel, refuse or suspend any Bookings for any reason including, operational, safety, capacity or security requirements. On a rare occasion such as this, where a Booking is cancelled in accordance with this Clause 9.6, a full refund will be provided to Guests who are affected, subject to Clause 6.3.

9.7.  LCY JC accepts no liability for any losses, delays or disruptions to any Aircraft incurred as a result of any third party’s acts or omissions including those caused directly and/or indirectly by an Airline, security and border control authorities, ground handlers, or any third party transport providers arranged by or on behalf of the Guest and/or by LCY JC.

9.8.  Nothing in these Terms and Conditions limits or excludes the liability of the BL for any limitation or exclusion not permitted by lawpage5image28880 page5image29040 page5image29200 page5image29360  page5image29680
9.9.  Subject to Clause 9.8 above, the total aggregate liability of LCY JC, whether in contract, tort, negligence, breach of statutory duty or otherwise, to the Guest for any loss or damage (whether asserted by the Guest or third parties) of whatsoever nature and howsoever caused shall be limited to and in no circumstances shall exceed the Booking Fees paid by the Passenger for the BL.

9.10. Subject to Clause

9.10,LCYand/or LCYJC shall not be liable to any Guest, passenger or third party for any of the following:

9.11.1  loss of profits;

9.11.2  loss of revenue;

9.11.3  loss of use;

9.11.4  loss or corruption to data or information; and/or 9.11.5 indirect or consequential loss.

10 Force Majeure

10.1 LCY JC shall not be liable to the Guest for any loss or damage caused or suffered by the Guest as a direct or indirect result of the LCY JC being unable to provide any services under these Terms and Conditions or, restricted, hindered or delayed by reason of any circumstances outside the control of the LCY JC including but not limited to any acts of God, government act, war, protest, fire, flood, explosion, terrorism, civil commotion.

11 Complaints

11.1 Any complaints regarding the services provided at the BL should be addressed via email to (Management).

12 Waiver

12.1 The rights, powers and remedies provided pursuant to these Terms and Conditions are cumulative and do not exclude or affect any rights, powers or remedies provided by law.

13 Variation

13.1  No amendments or variation of these Terms and Conditions shall be effective unless made in writing and signed and approved by LCY JC.

13.2  LCYJC reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time. Guests are advised to visit the to check for updates.

14 General

14.1 These Terms and Conditions and any dispute arising from or in connection with them (whether contractual or non-contractual) are subject to the laws of England and the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions affects your statutory rights.